COVID-19 – Best Practice for the Well-Being of Club Training Participants

The following guidelines have been developed in the interests of wellbeing and safety, any persons attending Club training agree to follow these guidelines and agree to follow the directions of Club officials in relation to enforcing the guidelines.

Definitions:   the word “shall” means the guideline is mandatory.

The word “may” means that the guideline is optional, but ought to be followed whenever possible.

The word “participant” means a member attending to train a dog and any person attending with them who remains on the training ground area as a spectator.

  • The Club, its officials and participants shall follow state, local and facility guidelines that apply to the area and the venue.
  • The names and a contact phone number of participants taking a dog into class shall be recorded by a Club Officer for “Contact Tracing” if necessary. These records shall be retained by the club for each session.
  • Participants shall bring the correct money for training fee to minimise handling of change.
  • Participants shall practice social distancing consistent with guidelines in effect at the time.
  • Participants shall avoid shaking hands, hugging or other physical contact.
  • Participants shall avoid congregating to the extent possible.
  • Participants shall be self-sufficient and bring their own hand sanitiser, face masks, any necessary refreshments.
  • Participants shall wash hands with soap and water or use sanitiser on their hands as frequently as possible.
  • Participants shall avoid touching dogs that are not their responsibility.
  • Training equipment shall be sanitised by rubbing down with disinfectant or sanitiser before and after use.
  • Participants using the equipment may wear disposable gloves when handling equipment.
  • Training classes shall not exceed twenty [20] persons including the Instructor/s.
  • Training classes shall maintain a distance of ten [10] metres from each other where possible.
  • Participants may wear masks when in close proximity to others.
  • Participants SHALL LEAVE the grounds when the class is finished.
  • Where training includes “Stand for Examination” the person acting as the judge performing the examination may sanitise their hands between each dog.
  • If you are unwell at all (cough, sneeze, temperature,)  please do not attend – STAY AT HOME


ROSTER – to be prepared as per normal for Wednesday and Sunday

MONITOR– Club official to be nominated for each session whose sole duty shall be to ensure adherence to the guidelines generally on the grounds.

This person to arrive no later than 20mins prior to classes commencing.

Instructors responsible for their class. Ground Secretary, or her assistant, responsible at sign in.

SANITISER – All instructors to be supplied with hand sanitiser by Club (Ground Secretary) for use at training.

SIGN IN TABLE – Cones 1.5m apart and signs reminding members of social distancing requirements.

Ground Secretary plus one other person to be responsible for taking ground fees.

Only correct change to be taken.

Member’s name to be recorded plus current phone contact.

Each person signing in to be asked who else is accompanying them if any and this to be recorded.

Sanitiser to be on hand.  Table, recording book and pens to be used only by Ground Secretary and assistant.

INSTRUCTORS – All instructors should arrive 10 mins early for a briefing and be made aware of any announcements to be made to their class.

Each Instructor to ensure social distancing is maintained during the class.

At the end of the class, Instructor to advise the class to leave the grounds.