1. New Members will be accepted on the last Wednesday of each month, at Orchard Hills, except November. Refer to the New Members page for further information.
  2. Children from 12 years and under 16 years are permitted to train their own dog provided they can control their dog and an adult is present for the duration of training.
  3. Parents must ensure that their children are supervised at all times whilst on the training grounds.  
  4. No person is to approach or touch, or allow their dog to approach or touch another persons’ dog without the owners’ permission, especially if the dog is tethered.
  5. All dogs must be Vaccinated or Titer Tested.  A Vaccination or Titer Test Certificate must be sighted on joining, and at renewal of Membership.  
  6. No puppies will be accepted under the age of 12 weeks and at least the 2nd vaccination has been given.
  7. Any dog which has been diagnosed with a contagious disease, i.e. Distemper, Hepatitis, Kennel Cough or Skin Problems, etc, must produce a veterinary certificate when returning to training.
  8.  Any dog that is housed with, been kennelled with, or in contact with a contagious dog must remain away from training for at least the minimum incubation period of the disease from the time of last contact.
    Bitches in season are not permitted on training grounds.  (minimum 3 weeks)
     All dogs arriving on the Training Grounds must be under control and on lead at all times unless directed by an Instructor within a class situation.
  9. All dogs on the ground must be handled by a responsible adult when not in class.  Large dogs must not be handled by young children at all whilst on the grounds (excepting ground rule #2).
  10. All dogs must be secured and supervised when unattended.  Dogs are not to be tethered on a check collar.  Please bring a fixed collar for this purpose. Fixed collars should be attached firmly enough so that the dog cannot slip out of them, but not so tight that it will choke the dog. A chain lead may be used to tether a dog which chews its lead, however chain leads will not be allowed in the class.
  11. All Members are required to carry a plastic bag for the removal of dog waste.  It is your responsibility under the law to remove all faeces.
  12.  All dogs attending class can be vetted by an instructor.  Owners of any dog showing signs of stress during training will be asked by an Instructor to leave the grounds.
  13. Any person who believes they have been harassed, discriminated against or subjected to inappropriate conduct, should contact a club official as soon as possible on the day of the incident e.g. The Club  President, Secretary, Grounds Secretary, a Committee member or Club Instructor to discuss the matter and options available to them. Any compliant of discrimination, harassment or inappropriate conduct will be dealt with in accordance with the Club Constitution and Rules.
  14. No person will be permitted to abuse any dog. No hitting, punching, kicking or yelling. Reprimands given in a proper manner are of course necessary and permissible. Any person found abusing any dog may be called to the Committee to explain their actions.
  15. Suitable attire must be worn during training – i.e. closed shoes and appropriate ‘non-flapping’ clothing.  Thongs, scuffs or open-toed footwear will not be permitted in class.
  16. Members must wear their name tags in class and have the tags stamped when paying their Ground Fees. Please remember to bring your name tags with you for every class.
  17. Class sizes will be at the discretion of the Chief Instructor and will depend on the number of available Instructors.
  18. All Club Equipment used during training sessions must be returned to the storeroom by the person/s using it. Club Equipment may only be used under the supervision of an instructor.  
  19. Jumping will not be allowed for dogs under the age of twelve months.
  20. Promotions will be held at the discretion of the Chief Instructor and will be conducted at least monthly.
  21. If you wish to purchase any training equipment please see the Ground Secretary or Equipment Officer.
  22. If you have a training problem – ask an instructor for help!!!!  If you have any other problems (e.g. with your Instructor or another Member) please see the Chief Instructor or Ground Secretary on the day / night so that we can solve the problem.   Remember we cannot solve a problem if we do not know about it.
  23. The club must follow strict rules regarding aggressive dogs as set down by Dogs NSW and we are obliged to take action should this situation occur. You may also be asked to muzzle your dog or remove it from the grounds.
  24. Dogs that are of Restricted Breeds or that have been Declared Dangerous under the Companion Animals Act 1998 are not permitted on the grounds or at any club function or activity.