Training Information

Check in time is fifteen (15) minutes prior to commencement of class so all Members will be ready for classes on time.

We encourage members to get to the training grounds 20-30 minutes earlier to allow your dog time to socialise and work off their excitement prior to training allowing for a more relaxed dog and you!

Training for 2022 Starts

Wednesday February 2nd 

Beginner Classes.

These occur every month ( Feb- Nov) .

The Beginners Class runs for four weeks and is preceded the week before Beginners classes start by a New Members Talk & Tour (T&T). The T&T is a dog-free session  where you are required to bring membership booking details (see NEW MEMBERS page) and vaccination certificate.

For those with previous training experience  

are welcome to come along any Wednesday evening to join. You will need to complete the membership from show the dog’s vaccination certificate or titer test. You and your dog may need to undergo an assessment by an instructor to determine the class most suitable.


Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs (Dogs NSW)

44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills (located at the far left training rings on entering Dogs NSW grounds)

Classes commence

7.30 pm (book in  by 7:15 pm)

Any cancellations or changes to training will be updated via our Facebook page.