• First Class
    Heel, normal, slow and fast pace, all turns on lead
    Drop/Down dog going straight down
    Stand Stay handler immediately in front of dog’s nose
    Sit and Down Stay 30 secs and 60 secs respectively
    Stand for exam handler by side of dog
    Recall on lead handler returning around the dog
  • Second Class
    Heel normal, slow and fast pace on lead plus figure 8 and weaving down line. Heeling to be on loose lead
    Sit to be automatic
    Drop straight down
    Stand for examination handler in front of nose
    Sit and Down Stay 1 min and 2 mins respectively
    Recall on lead and with finish.
  • Third Class
    Heel on lead all paces on and off lead
    Sit automatic
    Stand for examination at end of lead
    Recall off lead at 5 metres
    Stand/Stay on and off lead
    Sit and Down Stay to 1 min and 3 mins respectively
  • Fourth Class
    Community Companion Dog level and upwards.