New Members

Welcome to our Club!

We are happy to welcome you and your dog to our club and look forward to meeting you!

You need to be a financial member to attend ANY classes including Beginners.

Beginners classes happen regularly from February to November at Orchard Hills (DOGS NSW) on Wednesday evenings  All beginners classes have a maximum of 10 dogs and it is essential that you pre-book your spot on line via the links below. We are unable to accept Beginner enrolment at the venue. Beginners run for 4-5 weeks commencing with a Talk & Tour introduction which normally occurs on the last week of the month.

To make the most of the Talk & Tour information session please leave your fur baby at home.

We would like you to come 30 minutes early to allow time to settle your registration details so we can make a good start at this session.

On Talk & Tour day,  you will need to bring

  • Vaccination certificate
  • Commonwealth Concession Card, if applicable
  • Membership Form

One of our Instructors will take you through an introduction discussing our Club’s training methods, Ground rules, equipment you may need and answer any questions.

Our classes comprise of Beginners, then classes going from 1st up to 4th class, as the dog and handler becomes more proficient. While we like to see all our members continue and stay with us, it is up to you, to decide what you want to get out of your training and whilst we see people progressing into advanced classes, we see many members who only wish their dog to be more stable and sociable.

Please Note:

Penrith Kennel & Obedience Club Inc accepts the use of most types of properly fitted flat, fixed or slip (check) collars and halties for training purposes. We do not recommend the use of body/ tracking/ sledding/ car harnesses at training or chain link leads, as these can make it difficult to safely control your dog whilst on the grounds.

Other class details are listed on our Training Page